Six Manifest Cricket Grounds in Islamabad


The general perception about Islamabad is that it’s a dull, laidback city with almost no activity in it. But the reality about the city is different, for instance cricket is a regular affair in the city. Though the city has never hosted an international match and do not have per say a cricket ground officially declared fit for international standards but the city has six remarkable cricket venues. These venues have hosted hundreds of club and domestic cricket matches. Let’s find out more about these six manifest cricket grounds in Islamabad.

Fatima Jinnah Park Ground


Fatima Jinnah Park Ground is the second oldest cricket ground in Islamabad that has hosted first class and list-A matches. This ground was first used in 1994 for one first class match and one List A One Day game, and that was the last time the ground hosted an official cricket match.

Choudhary Rahmat Ali Cricket Ground


Choudhary Rahmat Ali Cricket Ground was founded in 1995 and until 1999 this ground has hosted 17 first class matches. It is the third oldest first class cricket ground in Islamabad.

Margalla Cricket Ground


Margalla Cricket Ground was founded in 1999 and it hosted four First Class matches and two List-A matches during the season of 1999-2000. This is quite a famous ground for the club cricket. And because of its flood light facility it hosts many night cricket matches.

Margzhar Cricket Ground


Marghzar Cricket Ground is the oldest cricket ground in Islamabad that hosted First Class or List-A matches. It was founded in 1993 and until 2011 this ground has been a regular venue for domestic cricket. This ground has hosted 28 First Class and 12 List A matches.

Diamond Club Ground


Diamond Club Ground is the busiest cricket ground in Islamabad in terms of hosting domestic cricket. The ground was first used in 2005 and since then it has hosted 65 First-class cricket matches and 29 List-A cricket matches.

National Ground


National Ground is the latest addition to the domestic cricket venues in Islamabad, this ground hosted its first official match in 2009. So far this ground has hosted seven First Class matches.