Official Press Release – 1Run1Tree Karachi

Since the launch of the franchise Islamabad United has aimed to capitalize on the passion that Pakistanis have for cricket and channel that in bringing positive change to the country.

The latest endeavor in this campaign is the #1Run1Tree initiative.

This program was launched in Lahore on 2nd of August by Islamabad United, in partnership with WWF-Pakistan.

Islamabad United endeavors to plant one tree for every run scored and ten trees for every wicket taken in by Islamabad United in each season of the PSL, as well as any global tournament where Pakistan brings home the trophy.  We are starting this initiative to commemorate the exceptional triumph of the Pakistan Cricket Team in the recent Champions Trophy 2017 which also coincides closely with the 70th independence anniversary of Pakistan. ISLU and WWF-Pakistan started the campaign to plant around 1500 trees based on the number of runs and wickets taken by the national team in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

The second event of this initiative was held of 4th August 2017 at The Citizens Foundation School in Qayyumabad in Karachi. Regarding the campaign Ali Naqvi, the owner of Islamabad United said “This is a WIN WIN for everyone. The more trees you plant, the healthier the environment will be and the more encouragement players will get, the more runs they will try to score, the more tournaments we will win and the more trees we will plant, the healthier our environment and the more encouraged players will feel.”

Islamabad United defines itself by its four E’s: Entertainment, Empowerment, Environment and Education. The event at TCF School combined two of the four E’s that the franchise lives by.

At the event Rumman Raees, member of the Champions Trophy winning squad, said “I am honoured to be part of the #1Run1Tree initiative. Coming to Karachi, my hometown, and launching the initiative here fills me with an immense sense of pride. The two most important things for Pakistan’s future, as represented by the children here, are education and environment, and I am proud to be involved in a franchise that focuses on both these things. Most of the kids here want to become cricketers when they grow up, and it is pertinent that they grow up in a healthy and productive environment for that to happen. I would like to ask everyone in Pakistan to support us in our #1Run1Tree initiative.”

Rumman planted symbolic trees at the TCF campus, and spoke to the students at the school.

Isfandyar Inayat, GM Outreach for TCF said on the occasion, “We are honoured to be part of Islamabad United’s campaigns. After Dean Jones’ visit to one of our Islamabad campuses and Shadab Khan’s appearance at one of our Lahore campuses, this is the third TCF campus that Islamabad United have visited and had an event in over the past 12 months. The focus that they have shown on education is exemplary. And players like Rumman and Shadab have  motivated our kids and shown them that they can reach the top in this country, no matter where they come from.  We hope that the focus that ISLU have shown towards education and the future of Pakistan continues for years to come.”

Through these initiatives, ISLU hopes to kick start a movement across the country to encourage tree plantations at an individual level, which will in turn benefit our homeland in immeasurable ways. So if you are a cricket fan, and have strong love for the healthy future of our beloved homeland, come join us and take part in #1Run1Tree campaign.