10 Reasons to love Pakistan Super League


Pakistan Super League is around the corner and we just cannot wait for the epic extravaganza. We are hoping the very best for PSL and here is why we feel that PSL is the best thing happened to Pakistan cricket.

1.  Shorter version of game

T20 is indeed a cricket format that suits the modern cricket spectator and non-cricket fans alike. As match ends in 3 hours but 3 hours have all the action plan that a full ODI series has, which can make PSL a huge hit.

2.  Young Talent getting mentors

In 70s and 80s we had batsmen who could score runs on ever track, reason was playing county cricket where they could get mentorship from the best in the world. And now PSL is giving a huge opportunity to the young cricketers to learn and enrich their game quality.

3.  PSL Fantasy leagues

We all love it, making a team that has all of our favourite cricketers and then striving to win. PSL has its own fantasy league which can be a great fun to have.

4.  Fun not tension

Since these matches are not Pakistan vs India or Pakistan vs Australia, every team is Pakistan’s own team so the tension level is expected to remain in the fun zone.

5.  The fever of cricket

Cricket is not just a sport in Pakistan and PSL’s fan-base is an example to it. Teams coming up with anthem forcing one to start fist pumping. There is an increase in the offering of PSL oriented merchandise. Restaurants are offering special screening of matches. This is not just cricket, it’s a festival.

6.  Sprinkle of glamour

It will be a lie to say that glamor is not what we are looking for, and that is what PSL has to offer. It is not just featuring our glamorous cricket stars but also our favourite stars from show biz.

7.  Legends on the back seat

Legends like Waseem Akram and Viv Richards are back in action but this time as a commander on the back seat coaching their troops for the victory. It will be fun to see how well they do from there.

8.  Spirit of sports spectatorship

Spectators are the real life of any sports event. A cricket league as short as PSL and on such massive scale is attractive to spirited sports spectators. They come out to support their teams, a teaser of it can be seen in our social media where the games had begun way before the actual tournament.

9.    Interesting commentary and analysis

Our own team, our own commentary box now let’s see if we get to see emerging of another Omer Kureshi or Chishti Mujahid from it. We are going to be getting interesting articles and analysis written by likes of Ahmer Naqvi (the Brian Lara of cricket blogs). Moreover, some of the exciting bloggers are already there to keep us updated with all the happening in their own style with some exclusive details.

10.  Financial Stability for PCB and cricketers

Most importantly PSL is important for us all because it can bring financial stability for PCB which eventually means financial stability of cricket and cricketers in Pakistan. In longer term this financial stability can also help us bring international cricket back to Pakistan.